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My Philosophy is to help educate in awareness and in spirit our accountability during this short lifespan we all share. Through acknowledgement that the body is capable of healing itself; the body will break down if the abuse is too great; and that our job, as body inhabitants is to cooperate with it's wisdom and innate healing abilities. Within this scope and extending outward in awareness, my goal is to nurture awareness of how all our choices, conscious or not, affect the greater macro-system we share together. Let us all be reminded that we are stewards of this earth.

Preventative Management & Wellness Programs

  • Alternative Health Practitioner
  • Certified in Neuro-Biofeedback
  • Certified in Spiritual Healing
  • Bio-energy Healing: Domancic Method
  • German New Medicine
  • Over 20 years exploration and studies in Energetic Physiology
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